Friday, January 25, 2008

Earrings for Dr. S

I went to see my doctor yesterday, and she loves jewelry. So of course I always bring her a pair of earrings. These are "Valentine Earrings" because of the hearts,of course. The stones are labradorite.

It's raining and raining here in northern California. I saw two accidents on the freeway on my commute home from work tonight! So everyone drive safely, OK? And God bless you on this coming weekend!


diane said...

Chris ~ these are beautiful. Can I come take classes from you? =)

Angie said...

Chris...I am afraid you are going to get me into trouble with Jeff....see...I want a pair of those too! I will wait a bit. But those would be awesome! Okay...Now, don't hate me....and I know you're busy....but I was tagged---I avoided it all year last year....wouldn't participate in these, but I felt like I should do this ONE and ONLY meme. So I tag you. And if you have a chance participate...or just hit me. Yes with a ball bat. It's ok.
Love you girl!

Linda said...

Wow, Chris, I'm totally wowed by your jewelry. I love that you make things that glorify God without being cheesy. Your work is very classy. Thanks for stopping by 2nd cup and commenting on my jean fiasco the other day!