Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My daughter the cop

My daughter starts her first shift as a police officer tonight~~~ graveyard shift. So amazing to see my kids grow up. May God guide and protect her tonight and always. May God guide and protect all my kids tonight and always!

The picture is of my daughter at her graduation from the police academy. Her terrific supportive husband is pinning on her badge and I'm just standing there beaming.


Angie said...

What an achievement! This job will definitely keep her mom on her knees! Both my son-in-laws are in law enforcement. One is a police officer, the other a correctional officer in a very tough prison about 25 miles from our house. It is a tough job---one I could not do. But the Lord calls many into that field and I praise the Lord for it! May the Lord protect the very hairs (that are numbered by Him) of her precious head---along with the rest of her being! (That is a prayer I prayed over my girls before they left for school almost every morning.)
Chris, I have gotten so MANY compliments on my earrings! I still can't say thank you enough!

Denise said...

My son is a police office,, actually he is investigator for the Chickasaw Nation here in Okla.. It keeps me praying for covering of the blood of Jesus over his life..........10 years now.. I am thankful for the protection on his life....... I know you are so proud......

diane said...

Chris, My husband worked for the Harris County Sheriff's Dept. for 20 years, and will be retiring next Thursday! Praise God!! God always took care of him, and his favorite book in the Bible - Romans 13 - he called the police officer's book of the Bible. I just re-read it, and it is SO comforting.
How old is your daughter? May God keep her in his loving arms and protect her from all evil all the days of her life~
p.s. i have added you to my blogroll...thanks for stopping by. You have blessed my day!