Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Angie over at the Knightly News tagged me to divulge six unimportant facts, quirks or habits about myself. Hmmmmmmm.

1. I love very hot hot hot nonfat decaf lattes. When it cools off...ugh!

2. I'm great at starting fires in our woodstove.

3. I cut my own bangs. And color my own hair.

4. I love to give myself pep talks out loud when I'm all alone. "Okay, Chris, you can do this! Keep going. It's all gonna work out."

5. I floss every single day.

6. I love to look at my DH when he's sleeping. He's sooooo cute( OK, now my kids are gagging!)


Angie said...

Too precious! Tell them to hold the gag'll be them saying that mushy stuff one day!
I color my own hair too...and have given myself several haircuts...along with both my girls and my hubby. Not in the hairdo business though!
Love me some hot starbucks whipped topping filled latte of some sort too!---course it has to cool!
You made me smile---I needed this on this dreary cold Saturday!

Denise said...

I love the mushy stuff.... and I used to cut and color my own hair...Now,,,,, I pamper myself and let the professionals do it.... I am working hard on this lifestyle change.... Hard at 60 but so necessary.......... blessing to you.... and I love Starbucks..........

Sisters of Faith said...

Chris, you have a great site! Love your jewelry! You are very talented. It is wonderful how you can share your faith in your jewelry. Thank you for visiting our site "sisters of faith" and for the encouraging words you commented. I'll be back to visit you soon. This blogging thing is new to me, but like it. Even though I have never met you I feel as though I met you just by visiting your site and I feel a sweet kindred spirit. May God bless you! Smiles!!!