Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Smile

Tuesday down!!! Made it through another day of employment and I get to go with my DH and our puppy to dog training tonight. Yay! I am excited to learn how to effectively keep her from jumping on me. And everyone else.

May your evening be jolly and may your Wednesday sail smoothly! God bless you my friends!


Angie said...

Beautiful! Have you ever made anything ugly?
I feel like a bogged down truck...ever seen one? Up to the axle in mud? Well, we have moved stuff from the apt. near my job (gave up lease) and piled it in the house (where we live) and I am in the process of sorting...getting rid of...diggin' out from under a bunch of mess! Hopefully, Saturday will finish it. This is the first time I have been able to sit down at the computer!!!
WHEW! I had to post my CWO Internet Cafe post (bogged down for sure) and had to stop by my buddy (you) and see what you were up to!
I hope your Wednesday is blessed and flows smoothly!
I love you and CONTINUE in prayer for your family! Right on your hand!

diane said...

What a darling little charm Chris. Is that a brass jump ring and dangle? =)

Denise said...

hey ...... i agree with Angie,, I think ugly is not in your resume' that is sooooooooo pretty... I am headed to your web site tonight and take a peek around.... I think I finally have a bit of time .. it has been so hetic here......... but I am always so impressed with your handi work......... I need to start showing mine off one of these days......... but not today......... but I do have a surprise coming in a few days...... soooooooo watch my Sew The Word blog........ it will be fun........ blessings my friend....

kansasrose said...

smiling...This just made me smile to see it. The flower is perfect! Your jewelry has such a simple joy about it and within. xxxooo