Friday, March 14, 2008

May Your Roots Grow Deep

Here's a turquoise necklace I made for myself for a past birthday. One of the fun things about making jewelry is that you can make things for yourself. And if it's your birthday, you don't feel as guilty about it.

I was reading through an old Daily Guideposts 2006 and read an inspirational story by Marjorie Parker. She wrote about the old experiment called the Biosphere 2, a huge bubble created by scientists to mimic rainforest, ocean, tropic and desert climates. They were hoping that it would support life and perhaps they could put one of these bubbles on Mars. It didn't work. Plants and animals died, so they stopped the experiment. But one thing that Marjorie noted really fascinated me. Here, in her own words,
"One small thing they found, however, struck me as profound: The cottonwood trees they planted began falling over as they grew tall: they had to be propped up. Why? Because the scientists had not included wind in their world and wind was necessary if the cottonwoods were to develop strong root structures."

Marjorie wisely concluded that the "winds" that blow through our lives can make us stronger too. And she's so right. Without my trials, I'd never be the woman I am today.

So may all of your "winds" of challenge and sadness result in deeper and stronger roots of faith for you to be able to stand tall with Jesus. Amen!


Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

I love this necklace! Just my style. I also loved your words of inspiration, I really needed them today.

diane said...

Yes, my many winds of trouble caused me to look to THE way, THE truth and THE no one comes to the Father except by Me.....Amen!!
Thank God he sent a person who was willing to share the good news of Jesus Christ to me~Chris. If not, we most likely would never have spoken.
Love you my dear and precious friend~thank you so much for your words of inspiration~
love you~
p.s. i don't keep enough of my jewelry...this necklace is so beautiful.

Denise said...

Oh I like that ....... the necklace and the story of the cottonwood....... I know that the winds that blew in my life for so many years is the very reason that even though I might bend to the near breaking....... I am grounded......... To whom much is given much is required... I have been given much Grace........