Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sigmoidoscopy and the Joy of New Tools

Hello All! I'm getting a sigmoidoscopy tomorrow. Kaiser recommends that all people at age 50 get one and I LOVE to be in the "IN" crowd! I imagine that all the popular people get these and I must be popular!

Anyway, busy drinking apple juice and eating Jello and visiting the potty...ugh.

But I got my tools from Beaducation today! Wooo hooo! Hey, nothing like new tools to perk a kid up. The brass hammer is supposed to make stamping a bit easier. The stepped round pliers will make making jump rings easier. The wire gauge checker-thingee (I'm so knowledgeable about the proper names for tools. Yep.) will make it easier when I want to rivet or when I'm not sure of the gauge of stray wire strands that appear in my work area. And the new stamps are cool---an awareness ribbon stamp, a teeny spiral and a .925 stamp to use on sterling silver...This sure makes tonight better. Really.

May God be with each and every one of you. And remember to get your recommended medical tests! Blessings.


Angie said...

You are too funny! Of course you are in the "in crowd"...where would they be w/o you??? I ask you now...really! I haven't had that..and--ah---by the way it sounds (which I can't pronounce) maybe I don't want one? I'm just sayin' that maybe I can get by being on the outside of that "in group-crowd know I'm not much for crowds anyway....*grin*
You are a sweetheart!
I love you!

kansasrose said...

I adore your enthusiasm! This post give me the grins too! "nothin' like new tools to make a girl's day!" You are the IN GIRL! :) You crack me up hon! I agree with are a sweetheart and I love ya!

If Diane is Dh is down near Houston today in meetings!

Denise said...

There is nothing like a brand new hammer and a thingamagig, and a whatchacallit... to make a lady smile.............. hahahhaha and oh yes a sigmoidoscopy....... Been there done that last year.... Doc said I had the most perfect colon he had seen that day...... Oh how sad it is when a compliment like that will make you blush....and giggle!!!!!! hahahha

diane said...

Chris~I love getting all my new tools, plus help from you has given me the confidence to push forward~ I am getting so many, I don't have enough room. My husband is being so patient though...Glad your test went okay. I have never heard of it. I have got to get my colonoscopy ~can't spell it~ and haven't yet. But I plan on doing it very soon, had to wait till March, cause now I get it free versus a co-pay. =)
Have a blessed Saturday!