Monday, March 3, 2008

Radiant Strength, Joyous Courage

Hello All! This necklace is turquoise and carnelian. I stamped the words "Radiant Strength, Joyous Courage" around the big turquoise bead. And it just sold at the "Gifted" shop in Sonoma!! Beaducation, here I come!! New stamps, a brass hammer and a pair of stepped pliers...oh yes... I love new tools :-)

I hope that your Monday was radiant. God really kept me close today. I almost became perturbed at a coworker, but I heard that Voice tell me to "Let it go. It's not worth getting upset."...and the real miracle is that I listened to it!

May you all have the Calm Voice of God to lead you into your Tuesday!


diane said...

O, my, how beautiful and now you can go shopping~two blessings in one!!!
God Bless you my friend. And thank you for the encouragement to fight the good fight~and let the Holy Spirit guide you and ME!

Denise said...

I beleive in miracles...... hahaha and don't you just love the feeling you get when you have been obedient and you know He is smiling at you.......... Can you feel it??????? I just love the names that you give your jewelry.... that one is soooooo beautiful.... I have not had time to go look at your online shop but I will!!!!!!!!!

love ya!!!!!!!

Angie said...

When He speaks....we do well to listen!
This is a beautiful piece! YOU amaze me girl!

kansasrose said...

Thanks too for being a witness for Him. Beautiful jewelry! Beautiful colors AND message! God Bless YOU always.