Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Senior High Mission Trip

Amazing church service today! Some of our senior high kids went on a mission trip to Southern California to help at a few food banks and a church thrift store. They sorted through rotten turnips and moldy-earwig-laden onions to find good produce for the hungry. They told their stories at the sermon portion of our worship. And we saw a video showing the hungry who eat the "fruits" of their and others labor. How inspiring to hear from positive teens!
I thought the "Assurance of Pardon" from the service was especially moving, and I'm including it for you here:

In every doubt God says,
"Here are my wounds. Touch."
For God is with you
in the greatest hurt--calling you.
In every confession that you make
God says, "I am listening."
For God is full of grace;
enough for you to let go
of all deadly things,
and still be held by the hands of heaven."

Here's the final pictures of the amazonite and turquoise necklace. It's quite long--30 inches. But you can shorten it to 18 inches by removing the extension piece along the neck, like I did for the last picture. This was amazing to make and I praise God for His gift to me. The gift to love to make jewelry! Just as others of you have the gift to quilt, or sew, or write, or cook. A gift indeed~~

May your Monday be blessed.


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Chris I'm so glad you had a good Sunday. Beautiful sermon excerpt. Also a beautiful necklace! I love the way you made it adjustable, and the turquoise is a perfect match. Gorgeous!

diane said...

Chris, I love this new piece, especially the removable extension. How clever, and a great addition to its marketability. You did a great job. I totally understand how you feel about the talent God has given us. We must meet someday, and God willing before we meet on high.
Thank you for sharing part of your Sunday with us. Ours was awesome. In Bible Study we talked about being chosen not to "Save Us" but for His purpose. What is ours today? What is our purpose for Him and His kingdom?
God Bless you my sweet sister! I love you lots!

Denise said...

Chris...... thanks for sharing part of your Sunday sermon..... It is wonderful to see the youth of our nation excited for Christ.... Your Breath is beautiful and such a work of art.... have a blessed week


Angie said...

Beautiful! Wow! Girl, you amaze me every time I see a new creation of yours!
God bless you Chris!

kansasrose said...

God is sooo Good indeed! Isn't He amazing to give us these gifts! I love your perspective and the joy you give out. You and Diane have given me so much strength through your personal witness to the faith the past month..for me to bear up and keep my hope in Him under some challenging family burdens. Thank you from the heart dear ones!

Love this stone and they way you breathe your own style and message into your work. Gorgeous!

Chris said...

Gosh, you gals, thank you!!!! I appreciate your comments so much!