Monday, March 10, 2008

Goofing Around with a New Jewelry Technique

Here's a funky looking pendant I made this weekend. I read about a technique to put color on copper in the Jewelry Artist Network forum and wanted to try it. It took turpentine and gesso and colored pencils and lots of time and layers...and looks a bit weird. But I learned a lot! And I have a few ideas for the future.

So here's the pic of the finished pendant and a pic of the colored metal by itself. How fun to play...

Great quotation from Norman Vincent Peale's "Power of Positive Thinking" (one of my all-time favorite books in the universe):
Mr. Peale is quoting a wise man...."when asked how he overcame his difficulties,"How do I get through a trouble? Well, first I try to go around it, and if I can't go around it, I try to get under it, and if I can't get under it, I try to go over it, and if I can't go over it, I just plow right through it." Then he added, "God and I plow right through it."

So my dear blog friends, I hope you are not having any trouble right now, but if you are, remember this wise man's philosophy! And may God and you plow right through it!


Mattias Klang said...

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Denise said...

Your goofing around Jewelry is sweeeeeeeeet!!! I can't wait to see what you will produce when you get good!!!!! hahahhaha Long day here... finished a few things that i am going to post this week... I have two surprises to post.. soooooo ( I'll give you a hint... I have the Tee shirt design finished and I am just researching the shirts that the ladies can pick from) but sshhh!!! dont tell anyone) Keep an eye out... hahahhah and I am plowing hand in hand with God through some stuff!!!! Thanks for those great words!!!! love ya!!!

Chris said...

Thank you for such a nice comment! I love your idea and will present it to my SIL/computer genius/nerd/geek when he visits next time. I appreciate the link to the search box. Bless you!

Stacie said...

Wow...that is a really cool long will it last? Does it wear off?
Great work!

kansasrose said...

The new piece is spectacular! It really does have a glow about it! I love it! I just leaped off my chair when I saw the quote from NVP and the book Power of Positive Thinking!!! THAT was and is one of my very favorite insprational books. I first read it in college! My dad loved him and we would discuss the book together! WOW...God works in mysterious ways my friend...I pulled the book out today and have started re-reading this wonderful book because of you. Plowing through hand in hand with our Lord is such a good metaphor. WOW! YOU are a blessing dear! Thank you!!!! Love to you! :)

diane said...

Mr. Peale has got it so right doesn't he? Can you believe I have been plowing my friend? God knows, I have made it way more difficult than was needed. Thank you for praying for me. God knew I needed it~
Thanks for the tips and info~as you know you have been a God send to me!

Angie said...

You amaze me with your "goofing" around!
I hope your week has been going well!
At least the sun is shining today!!!