Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beautiful Thursday

Happy Thursday All!
Here's a pic of the chrysocola necklace I just finished to take to "Gifted" in Sonoma. I love it!

Had a productive day and ran to Sonoma too. It's so pretty here...perfect allergy weather, LOL~

I'm thankful for all of my blog friends...may your week finish out in joy. God bless you!


Denise said...

aawwwwwwww we are kindred spirits.. I will share my life with you one of these days,, I do struggle with it.... I had a blessed friend several years ago that was counseling me after a divorce....... she made a powerful statement to me... she said that my sin is on record at the court house for all to see...(my divorces) but that her sin was just as great but not written on the pages of a book....... but both of our record has been removed as far as the east is from the west... How powerful was that... My Father God has taken me from such a low place and seated me in high places.... I am humbled every day as to where I have been saved from. I think some times I need to just drop my guard and share my entire story as to why the woman at the well is so important to me... she is the second person that I want to see when I enter the gates...... I am so glad that the Father has given you new life and has given you a husband that treats you as you deserve to be treated........ I look forward to meeting you one of these days...... if not here, just inside the gate..... I will watch for you.......

Denise said...

oops.... love the necklace,, but I have to ask.... Gifted in Sonoma? is that a place? Just curious... glad I am not a cat!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Chris, I love this necklace! The colors are beautiful together. You always have such pretty stuff! Thanks for your kind words about my necklace, too. Love, Tammy

diane said...

Chris~This is yet another beautiful work of art. You are a so very talented. And the etching is awesome.
One day, when I grow up, I want to be just like you!
Love you~
diane =)

kansasrose said...

Sooo much beauty and strength here. God is Good! YOU ROCK!