Monday, March 17, 2008

Heart Finishing Touches

After I'd layered all the color that my heart desire, it was time to seal it. I sprayed many light coats (at least seven) of matte Krylon clear spray. And for the last coat I used Midas Finish Seal Lacquer.

Then it's jump ring and dangle time! I had no idea what stones I'd use with this pendant. I rummaged through my stash and played with several ideas. The lapis tubes won my nod and I wired wrapped those babies to dangle at the bottom of the heart. The jump rings are made from 18 gauge sterling wire. I love to use two to secure my pendants. Since my jump rings are not soldered, I want to feel that the pendant is really secure. And two jump rings looks cool to me. (Listen to my 23-year-old daughter fall over laughing because I'm trying to be cool!)

I think it turned out pretty! Now I have to make the leather neckpiece to show it off.

God bless you, my friends! May Wednesday shine!


diane said...

I love this pendant Chris~very, very nice. Thank you and God Bless you tonight and tomorrow~

Tammy said...

Oh Chris, it turned out great! I love it. You rock, as always!

Denise said...

A beautiful finished product...... cudos!!!!!!!!!

thanks for letting us see it.........