Thursday, March 6, 2008

Glad That's Over!

I did NOT make these cool rings! I got these a couple of weeks ago at "Gifted", the Sonoma shop where I sell my jewelry. They were made by a husband-and-wife team called C&R Jewelry and I fell in love. I don't wear rings, except my wedding Claddagh. Very basic. But I became fascinated with these and since I was supporting a fellow artist...I selfishly and frivolously got these for myself.

Well, the sigmoidoscopy adventure is over!!! I don't have to have another one for five years! It wasn't the funnest thing I've ever done, but it's good to know that my colon is lookin' good. Um, figuratively speaking, of course. And I got three compliments from the doctor doing the exam on how well I "cleaned myself out". Yippee skippee, the evening in bathroom (stocked with new magazines) and the "amusing" morning enemas were worth it!

So, all you other popular girls and boys out there, take a tip from Auntie Chris and ask your doctor about this happenin' exam! It ain't pretty, it ain't fun, but it's so worth it to do your preventative check ups!


Denise said...

There are not many things on my body that are called perfect but I guess my colon is a good thing to be perfect.... hahahahah I am glad things went well and they really save lives..... I have to have mine every 5 years due to the fact that Dad had rectal cancer.. (he survived and is doing real well) and I am a sucker for rings,,,,, love them but hate to wear them becaue of my hands.. over the years the chemicals from the screen printing has caused really dark spots...YUCK but I do wear them once in a while.......... but I do love those........

kansasrose said...

Glad your test went well. It sure must not be a pleasant experience. Bet you are relieved it's over with! I'm afraid I'd have to tranquilized heavily for this one. ( a bucket full of Xanax) My maternal grandmother passed away from colon cancer in 1952. ( before I was born) She was 43. I need to have this done! I really fear this test....I will git er done soon though. Promise! ;)

Gorgeous rings! I only wear my wedding set...I bite my nails and hate the look of my hands. I really like these rings however! Have a blessed weekend! xo

Angie said...

Glad it all "worked out"...hee hee.
Very deserving of the new rings too!