Friday, May 30, 2008

Tah Dah! A Jewelry Display!

Check out this cool display! I'm going to be showing my resin pendant necklaces at the Arts Guild of Sonoma~~~and I needed to provide my own case. So my sweet DH searched the internet and found a used acrylic case on Ebay. It arrived on Tuesday. A terrific case....but boring. No personality. And I was a bit inimidated by the thought of creating a display for my pieces.

Never fear, my supportive DH came to my rescue. We visited the local Hancock Fabrics and Michaels and found odds and ends to create a cute display. I spent my day off on Thursday with a hot glue gun and fabric to make the cloth pads for the bottom of each shelf. And my DH cut and notched wood pieces and nailed on my copper swirlies to make some cool pendant all turned out soo very very cool! I still must slave over the computer to create my custom labels and business cards and get ready to go by noon tomorrow for the 40 minute trip to lovely Sonoma. But I'm just SO excited about this display!!!

Thank you Lord for this opportunity~~~and especially thank you for this wonderful husband. And thank you for all of my incredble blog friends. I'm blessed and spoiled. Thank you. Amen!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

What an awesome display AND an awesome husband! You are so very blessed. Have fun tomorrow and good luck! Love ya~

Denise said...

YOU have a great time tomorrow and You will have the bery bery best Display in the show........ You have a sweet DH and God has given you gooooooooooooooooo gifts!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and we will chat next week!!!

Bear Chick said...

Cool display! I love your jewelry. Do you sell on Etsy? Your things would do well there. Good luck at your show.

Angie said...

Do you hear me saying "ooo ooo ooo!" I love it...all!!! Girl how I wish I could just run out there and see it all in PERSON! (Yikes---what a gas bill!)
It is awesome though. You have done a great job with the talent the Lord gave you! He will bless every effort! I love you much!

diane said...

What a neat display. I would love to see it in person. Gotta give me the details on how you did at your sale. Okay?
Your husband is blessed to have such a grateful wife, and you are blessed to have such a talented and thoughtful husband.
Luv ya~

Denise said...

Just checking in on the Arts Guild of Sonoma just to see how things went?

Chat with you latter,,,


Crystal said...

So cool Chris~You are truly blessed (and talented!)