Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day~~~

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!! And a picture of my Sis, my Mom and me smiling at my brother's wedding reception November 2007...a wonderful night!

My Mom is amazing. She loves, prays for and encourages every one of us five kids. It was not easy for her to raise us---in an isolated teeny house without much money and no family nearby. Dad worked long days and was not a nurterer. Mom read to us, smiled at our drawings, ooh'ed and ahh'ed at our accomplishments. We'd tell her of our childish plans and she'd listen and encourage. She'd pack us up for Sunday Mass each week and took us to Catechism each Saturday. She taught us to love reading, and our trips to the bookmobile or the public library were huge treats. When I make cookies, I still hear Mom's advice on how to measure flour properly. The more I hear stories of other's mothers, the more I cherish my Mom.

Mom is about 300 miles away this Mother's Day, so I'll have to call her instead of driving across town to hug her. I hope she can feel my love and respect and gratitude~!

Thank you Mom. And thank you so much, God, for giving me such an extraordinary gift, my loving Mom.


Denise said...

Beautiful picture ! You and your sister look a lot alike..... How wonderful to have a Godly mother .. such a foundation she laid for your life..... Enjoy your phone call with her today..... Mothers were created by God so that we could each feel His physical touch!!!!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Happy Mother's Day!!
Your Mom is beautiful and you look just like her! She sounds like a great mother. I just spent part of today with mine, and I wish you could have been with yours! Love ya~

Angie said...

That is a wonderful picture! I love it! Beautiful mom! Now I see where you get your pretty face from!

diane said...

I love this picture Chris. You and your sister look so much alike~such beautiful smiles! And your mother looks like an angel between her two beautiful daughters!