Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lovely Wednesday and a new Resin Pendant

What a perfectly great work day! No giant conflicts or problems~~there were a few small ones, but goodness! Life is so full of small conflicts~~
My sweetie and I sat down to our cereal supper and watched a taped episode of "Gilmore Girls". Sitting side by side on the sofa and laughing and commenting---sheer bliss!

Here's the latest resin pendant named "Wonder". The little scamp of a girl is my DH's great-aunt. Doesn't she look a bit mischievous?? The dangle is citrine, one of my favorite stones in the universe.

May your Thursday be full of wonderful achievements. And may you be led by God every step! Amen!


Denise said...

happy Mothers Day my friend...... I will be away from the blog world till next week sometime...... be blessed ........... and do those little resins come in the resin brand box? hahahhaha

I just had to say that..... God gave me such a sense of humor..... (some do not find it so amusing)


diane said...

Chris, What a beautiful resin piece. So darling....
I am trying to re-organize my thoughts and STUFF and get ready for my beautiful Melanie coming for Mother's Day. I will be posting after that. Learned so so much, and had a blessed trip. Have a new dear friend, and what more can I say?

Shoecrazy said...

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Do you ever run out of creativity? I see all of these as heirloom pieces! Have a great day off- your cheery smile and lovely attitude will be missed!!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Another wonderful pendant from a wonderful person! I really love your new Heirloom series. Awesome!