Monday, May 26, 2008

Look for the Good

Just finished a commission piece for my friend Debbie at work..."Look for the good" describes her attitude. The workday can hand her challenge after challenge and she'll look for something positive in them. And inspires me to look for the positive too!

I must confess that I'm such a grouch about commission pieces. Yes, I'm getting paid for them! Then why do I grouse as I make them??? Must remind myself that I'm blessed that others want my work. I need to "Look for the Good"~~~

Please God, I want to have a grateful heart. I confess to selfish grumpiness and ask for the Holy Spirit to encourage me to gratitude. I have so much~~~ In Jesus' strong name I pray!

Bless you all.


diane said...

Amen~Chris! This is such a beautiful necklace, and I am sure she will love it.
I know exactly what you mean about commissioned pieces~don't ask me what makes us feel that way~funny isn't it?
But, God is good, and faithful; and He always pulls me thru~
Love ya~

Denise said...

That is my most favorite piece (is that bad english) that you have ever shown on this blog....... that is quite beautiful and she is such a blessed person to wear this...... You have a talent that is God given (I remember that you had asked God for a hobby) What a hobby (talent He gave you) and I am soooooooo grumpy sometimes. but He will help us to overcome and our Jesus nature will shine forth!!!!!!! That will be quite a day!! But in the mean time...... He heard your prayer!!!!!!!

Hugs girl friend

Angie said...

Awesome words....Amen!
That piece is beautiful. Reminds me of Wanda over and over. Purple was her color...and even though she had a malformed "physical heart"---her spiritual heart was tip-top!
You are such a blessing!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I love the necklace, Chris, and i completely understand about commissions. I think it's hard because you know who it's for, and it has to be done. I always feel like it has to be perfect! It's just much harder than making something just because you want to! Love ya~