Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday and time to "Play"

Happy Tuesday All! Here's a resin pendant that I worked on during the "Tree Eradication by the Studly Lumberjack" on Saturday and Sunday. Hope you enjoy it and may your week be blessed. Way blessed, OK?


diane said...

O, Chris. I love it. I have to have details you know. I bought some resin, after buying Stephanie's book. I hope to try to do something with it this weekend.
My etching didn't work out (couple of wrong steps), but I will try again. The acid is a little freaky to work with....and I am a little bit of the impatient kind.
Who is the little girl in your pendant? Is it you? Way cool....luv ya~

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I love it, Chris! You are on a roll, and it's a good one! These are so cool! Keep up the great work.

kansasrose said...

THis is beautiful! I love this! ( what a pretty little girl too!) Like Diane I wonder who it is....Glad your DH is safe from cutting the trees! That looked way scarey...especially with those winds...I need to have him come to Kansas and trim our torn up elms from an ice storm. lol I can't get Dh too excited about doing it.

Our winds were bad yesterday too...lots of fires broke out. It's calmer today thank heaven. You have a blessed Wednesday, ya hear??? :) xo

Denise said...

I pray that you are also WAY blessed!!!!!!!! I love that......... if you are home I will send you those email and show you how to do a hyper link?