Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Free Spirit

Yay! It's Friday! I'm going to a Pampered Chef get-together tonight at a friend's house. The funny part is that I don't cook! No, you envious ladies, my DH cooks amazing meals and I'm spoiled rotten rotten rotten! Of course, with just the two of us during the work week we just eat salads or cereal. But on the weekends~ salmon, chicken, whole grain pasta, tuna, YUM! OK, now you hate me. Sorry, you can't have him! LOL! I do bake great cookies, but that's it. Something is wrong with me!

These are some earrings I made last year called "Free Spirit". They are big and fun. May your weekend be big and fun too. Bless you all.


diane said...

I love how you put Free on one, and Spirit on the other!
Yes, we are so blessed aren't we? Our husbands cook! And are really good cooks.
But, I tell everyone at work, that I am not spoiled, 'cause if I were I would be ungrateful~which I am not. And, I do NOT take him for granted; therefore I am blessed, and not spoiled.
Luv ya~xoxoxo

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Oh, you lucky girl! I don't cook MUCH, but neither does my hubby! We eat out A LOT! Funny thing is, I'm a really good cook, but it's such a waste of valuable time. An hour cooking, 5 minutes eating, then the awful clean-up. No thanks! LOL
I love the Free Spirit earrings! They are so me.

Denise said...

My DH cooks too!!!!!!!! and we love grilled Salmon....... We have that a couple of times a week if not 3.... with large salad.... I cook durning the week some but after cooking for Mom and Dad 7 days a week some nights we just eat salad and 1/2 baked sweet potato........ I am lazy ....hahahha

Have a blessed weekend