Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bakersfield~Poso Flats Adventure

Dakota the Lab and Sierra the Border Collie/Lab did OK on the 6 and 1/2 hour trip to Poso Flats this last weekend. They didn't enjoy being in their crates, but we did stop frequently and take them on potty and water breaks. Here they're hangin' with my DH at a rest stop.

Here's my little brother's barn at Poso Flats! They also have a living quarters there, so there are bathrooms and a place to sleep. Isn't it cute? My DH is envious!

It's so pretty here! Lots of oak trees and granite rocks and horsies...

And here's the "Party Meadow" where the birthday festivities will, the little house is NOT an outhouse! It's a well house. If you have to go potty, walk back to the barn, OK?

Hey, we all made it through Wednesday!! Woo hoo! Bless you all and keep looking at Him. He loves you so much.


diane said...

Oh, Chris, I love this pictures. It looked so beautiful there. I would love to live in his little valley. And, I am with your dh. I love that barn!

kansasrose said...

I adore the barn too! What a picturesque, peaceful place to live! I would love it here. I bet you all have the best times here..including your fur babies. Labs love to play and party it out! :) Your jewelry creations are just fabulous. I love the lapis stones. That blue is just magical. God bless and hope your cold is on the mend. Hugs and love, Jen