Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Husband Didn't Kill Himself!! Yay~

Ok, I know I haven't blogged since Thursday...we've been preparing for the big eucalyptus tree removal in our backyard. Me mentally, my DH physically. He really wanted to tackle the big old trees himself. They are dangerous, brittle trees. I tried to convince him that we needed to hire a service to take them down. He really wanted to do it himself~~~yikes!!! So here's what I've been seeing all weekend and praying hard about! Every "crash" left me a stress mess! I did work on jewelry to calm my nerves and I'll post them later. But PRAISE GOD he and his son, who was an enormous help, did not get hurt. Thank you Lord!

One of the trees was too close to our neighbor's property, so we will have to hire a service to take it down. Then we'll plant some sturdier trees...and this project will become a memory.

May you all have a blessed week, my friends. God is good!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

YAY! I'm so glad your hubby survived the tree! Men do crazy things sometimes, that us girls would never dream of doing! All in the name of love. They like being the protectors, and the givers, and the providers. They think it's their purpose in life. Which I guess it kinda is! Just give him a big ole hug, and a thank you, and say you love him. He'll be happy!
God bless both of you!

diane said...

My goodness how brave a fellow. And, praise God you still have a husband. He was really high up there wasn't he? A eucalyptus TREE~can't imagine that. I tried to grown a small plant once, and it burned up down here in this heat. They grow pretty slow don't they? This one had to be pretty old.
Luv ya~

Denise said...

So glad that went well....... My son has a very very tall tree in his back yard and everytime he and my DH talk about taking it down I shudder!!!!!! I do not make jewelry but I quilt.... soooooo I will have to get my needle and thread out if they go for that project........

have a great week

dlyn said...

Glad he survived - it drives me nuts when my husband does stuff like that around here. I try not to even think about what he does at work!

And - I tagged you on my blog this morning :)

Angie said...

WHEW! That looks dangerous! I am glad----GLAD that he got the job done and was back down safely!