Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More earrings for family

Two more pairs of earrings for my family. First pair was for my niece, who turned 20~~ I tried to do something a bit more "trendy" and copied the big round shape that I've seen worn by the young adults at our office. The second pair is my favorite. I LOVE lapis! And I was almost hoping that this SIL wouldn't like them and I'd be forced to take them back (oh yeah baby!). Didn't happen. Rats. :-)

My cold is lessening it's grip. No more fever and less coughing. My brain still feels full of cotton. I'm gonna return to work tomorrow and see how I do.

I had a great day at home. Lots of laundry and a bit of jewelry work AND my sister called from Oregon. How fun to talk with one of my favorite people. :-D

May your week be joyful, and if it isn't, may God surround you with his care!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

OOOHHH! I love these, too! You make such wonderful presents.
I see you've branched out into nickle silver. I love working with different metals. Brass is fun, too! I like to combine them with copper and make tri colored pieces.
Awesome job!

Angie said...

PERFECTLY beautiful! I love them!!!
And I know you all are having a great time! The pastures...the barns....my kind of living! I would love to be livin' in a barn like that! We actually ordered some plans....but...didn't work out. So, that's ok.