Monday, April 7, 2008

Hidden Jewels

I had an interesting patient visit my mammography room today. An elderly Asian lady crept in slowly for her afternoon appointment. She was wearing scuffed sandals, faded sweatpants and an old baggy T-shirt with some company's logo. I stepped out to let her change into one of our gowns, and when I returned I saw the necklace that she was wearing under the old t-shirt. It was an exquisite jeweled heart, bigger than a half dollar. And as I turned the pendant to her back, to move it from the mammogram area, I saw the back inscribed with "I Love You".

I took all of the images needed for the exam, and then asked her, "Who gave you that heart?"

She smiled shyly and said, "My daughter."

It tickled me so! A hidden treasure masked by a humble appearance. And made me think that we all have a hidden treasure~~~Jesus' love. His immense and unbelievable love. And I smile as I think of my beautiful treasure from Him.

Bless you all, my friends.


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

That is so sweet! You made me smile by sharing the story. Thank you!

kansasrose said...

What a beautiful post Chris! Bless you for sharing this love with others. Hope you have a lovely day! xxxooo

diane said...

What a sweet, sweet story. Humble in outward appearance, but a giant holding her daughter's love close to her heart =)

Denise said...

Chris...... I learned something about you tonight... I did not know you worked in mammography. What a wonderful profession..... It is good to be back out in blog world... I have missed my friends.. Your story about the Hidden Jewels was wonderful... sometimes the most precious things in our lives are hidden under the harshness of the world..... We have to be vigilant to see.. God has given your heart 20/20

Angie said...

That was sweet...hidden treasures, we all have them, seen only by us, cherished and loved.
I read all the ways dooooowwwwnnnn. I loved every one! But if I commented on every single one,your e-mail box would flow over. The tiara was precious! The "beloved" oh, incredible.
I would have loved to join you on that drive to Sonoma! Sounded beautiful...Springtime...mmmm I can hear the wind, and feel the sunshine!
What a blessing you are Chris, and what a treasure I have in your friendship. One that I can actually "hold".
When Wanda was in the hospital in January and I was wearing my "prayer" reminder...(I didn't need to be reminded, but I wanted to wear it to think of the one that gave it to me---and to feel closer to the Lord) I almost "wore off the word PRAY" by rubbing the circle so much! It is still there, but the worn place will always be a sweet reminder of the gift, the giver, the time and the place and season of my life when prayer was a constant word from my mouth and on my heart. It still is. Troubles come and go---I think mainly coming---but praying is something I find myself doing almost non-stop. When I lay down I think of Him. When I get up, I think of Him. As I drive, eat, shop, read, everything seems to bring me to Him.
I think I feel Him in my life, more than I ever have before---just these past several months.
He amazes me. So do you.
I love you dear friend.