Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cattle Drive

When we were at Poso Flats near Bakersfield, we got to see a cattle drive! My DH ran into the thick of it to take pictures.

The cattle had to cross a creek to get onto my brother's property.

This cowgirl kept them thar dogies in line, yessir...(embarrassing attempt to sound "cowboy" is now over. You may stop grimacing.)
It was a fun addition to our trip, and my brother said he spared no expense to make our visit really special...LOL!

May you have a cow-poop free Tuesday! And bless you all, my friends.


diane said...

Now you are really hitting home. I was not the cowgirl though, my younger sister was. My Dad had to have one tomboy, as there were 3 girls; and she was the LUCKY one?! She and my older sisters both still ride today. I just think about it. (I used to ride a paint named Lightening). *LOL*
Luv ya Chris and Bless You!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I'm so jealous! I LOVE horses. I used to ride daily, a long, long time ago! I wish I still was.

kansasrose said...

LOL You sound like an authentic goat ropin'-s**t kickin' cowpoke Chris in my books! Love this post and your dh worked cattle on his parent's farm and rode a horse named Misty. me..I just 'work' a cow poop scoop to compost for my garden lol. You are tooo funny today! Love ya "tex"