Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life is a Gift

Yes it is~ what a wonderful busy weekend. We are getting ready for church camping and the Scottish Games, so we had to make sure our pet babysitter was fully informed of all the pets needs and quirks. I hadn't realized how weird our pets are! Dakota the Lab loves to roll on the rug in front of the front door and make Chewbaca noises, the bigger kitty Foster loves to lap water in the shower stall, etc. We are blessed that we could adopt these four rescue pets. They bring so much love and grins into our daily lives.
We also had Mom and Dad and Nick over. Mom made fabulous organic stuffed zucchini...yum-oh~
Today we drove to Carmichael and worshipped with Michelle and Nick. Got to chat with our prior pastor and thoroughly felt moved to worship God with praise and songs!

OK, More earrings for the gallery:

"Life is a Gift" Copper and turquoise.

Lucky Heart earrings. The little hearts were a booger to saw out of silver...I think my eyes were crossed for days after this! :-)
Have a blessed Monday my friends. Have a lovely week~


Fanciful Expressions said...

Chris, Oh my gosh! Such beautiful earrings. Your hands must be doing great because you're making magic.

Beatnheart said...

You outdid yourself...I love these different and creative...

Shoecrazy said...

Hey girl! catching up on blogs and I have to say these earrings are adorable!!! Hannah LOVES them too!