Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've Got Help

Button, our little marmalade girl rescue kitty, loves to "help" me when I sit at the computer or work on jewelry. If she's in a "mood", she'll play with the beads, try to gnaw on the wire and demand petting, petting and more petting. Here she's resting until she can"help" me again.

Make a wish and dream now earrings for the gallery today. Copper, Fluorite, Pearl and fun. Blessings all!


Melissa Meman said...

oh my gosh Chris, I started crying when I saw this picture of your new kitty, because she looks EXACTLY like my orange tabby brothers who have both gone on - just lost Felix a couple months ago.

You are a sweetie to rescue her, and I hope she brings you as much joy as my 2 orange boys did over the years.

very pretty earrings :)

Beatnheart said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for the visit and comment. Oh yeah, I’m healthy (at the moment) Weight watchers is like an aa meeting to me. It is working for me...I need to be accountable to something at it it is just ,healthy eating...Yoga...well I have to do that now. Just don’t feel right if i miss it.. I love your new piece. I love your work as I have said to you and I shall say it again. Happy Rest of the Summer. caw

Fanciful Expressions said...

The earrings are so pretty. I'm glad that you're back to making your gorgeous jewelry.
Your kitty is so adorable. I really miss my two cats. We won't be getting anymore because it was just too hard for us to let go.

Beatnheart said...

Thanks for your comment!!

Apple iPhone Unlock said...

very lovely earrings. Nice!. i like the colour.

Angie Knight said...

Oh CHRIS. Those are so awesome!

I've not been online--but I'm trying to catch up a bit tonight!!!

I've read down, and LOVED all I've drooled over! :)

You make me SMILE!