Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Love and his loves~

My Sweet DH loves this place. My brother's 81 acres near Bakersfield. This picture was taken last spring. You wouldn't see all this green right now! My DH enjoys the peacefulness, the beauty of nature, the simple life here. No traffic jams, crowds, noise.

Here are our two rescue dogs~Dakota and Sierra. Black Lab and Black Lab/Border Collie mix. These dogs got so lucky when Rich became their master! The love and devotion and work he lavishes on these pooches is a testament to him~~

I believe I'm so blessed and lucky to be married to this man! My wonderful Christ-following sweetheart. God is good.

May you all have a lovely rest-of-the week~~isn't August speeding by with lightning speed? Golly!


Bear Chick said...

Aren't we lucky to have found good men? I'm grateful every day to have The Husband.

Diane said...

Yes, it is Chris. I love these pictures of your dear husband, and his boys....
I feel the love you have for him coming thru the words you've typed. God bless you my friend.