Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For Kate

Kate is my dear goddaughter. She's a treasured part of our family, and she's one of the people I promised jewelry to before I injured my wrists. How wonderful it will be to send this to her tomorrow! (I'm doing the happy dance!)

Happy Father's Day to my DH~~see what I gave him?? He LOVES sock monkeys. It was fun to surprise him with this one. He's the best Dad, sweetest partner. I'm dang lucky.

Have a blessed Wednesday my friends~


Diane said...

And, I am sure he feels the same way...that sock monkey lovin' guy!
Your bracelet is just gorgeous Chris. I love how you added all the dangles AROUND the bracelet. And, the hinges on the side of the bracelet~very well done. Did you attach one long extra piece of metal with rivets to do that? Very nice touch =)))

evgeny orlov said...

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Beatnheart said...

as i said before, your stuff is the best. major talent lady! thanks for your visit and comment.

Beatnheart said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for your kind comment and your visit. Maybe someday we can compare notes. I guess in spite of it all, I’ve done ok. My parents were not monsters.. There were many other aspects of my childhood that weren’t bad and I have good memories too. A lot of the problems seemed to revolve around stinginess and not willing to spend money on things that could have improved their childrens lives.. I don’t know. I’m still pretty messed up in many ways. At least you have children and grandchildren. I was to messed up to have kids, so I passed on it.

pcna said...

sock monkey <3