Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Gratitude" ~~~I'm Feelin' It!

New bracelet for the Studio 41 Gallery at 700 First Street in Benicia, CA....Gratitude!
So grateful that I can make jewelry again.

So grateful I can work again (yes, honest! staying home when your wrists ache is not that fun) (working is better).

So grateful that I have my sweet hubby, great kids, good doggies, arrogant funny cats, so much. so much!

Today is my DH's beautiful daughter's 26th birthday. I hope she has a great year and realizes that 26 is soooo young.

Bless you all my friends. Must go dry my dripping hair and get ready for another work day tomorrow~


Angie said...

YEAH!!!! AND how cute that bracelet is!!!

I KNOW your heart and mind is glad to be able to create as God "created" you to do! Blessed you with a unique talent and gift--and you always use it to His glory!

He smiles every time you put His heart into something! (remember my "hope" and "peace" and "joy"??) I think of you so often---because I wear is so often! :)

Love you! I wish your store was CLOSER!

Stacie said...

Gratitude must be in the air...I am feeling it too! Beautiful bracelet!

Diane said...

Ahhh, gratitude is not to be taken lightly is it? Without it, selfishness creeps in like a mouse, then takes over like a roaring lion!
I am grateful I have you as a friend dear Chris. You are simply a shining light every time you post. Thank you.....

richard salley said...

nice work, Chris...totally you, both in style and sentiment.