Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy-ness, family's all good!

My SIL, Bro and niece...second b-day!

My sweet Mom and niece~

Earrings for the gallery~

Earrings for one SIL~~

Earrings for my other SIL~~~

Great times! So busy. Gotta get ready to go away this weekend too...wheeeeeee!
Bless you all and may you all remember our veterans~


Beatnheart said...

Hi Sweetheart! Thanks so much for your kind comment...yes, if only...unfortunately my road was rocky for a long time after this and it wasn’t until I met my husband in 81 that things finally turned around for me. He was an angel sent to save me and save me he did. It was a long battle let me tell you and how sad. I had a lot of potential that just went to waste as a young woman...but things are good now..wonderful in fact... on to brighter things, your pendant is so beautiful..Your work is different than any out there...keep it up! I hope your hands/wrists are doing better...Cynthia

Fanciful Expressions said...

Great earrings! Sounds like your having family time. That's always time well spent.

Melissa Meman said...

I'm loving looking at all your gorgeous work! I moved my blog from Pink Zinnias to Melissameman.blogspot and I lost your link in the progress, but I am back now:)

Denise said...

I have just missed so many posts here.. Shame on me..... Hope you are having a great summer.... I like to stay outside as long as I can at night...... Your heart earrings are just too sweet.....

Have a wonderful weekend girl!

Stacie said...

I really love your new good to see you pounding metal again!!