Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brazilian Occo Geode...yum!

About 3 weeks ago I visited my LBS (Local Bead Store). Beading Around the Bush in Benicia, CA...I LOVE this shop! Anyway, there in a little tray on a low table, I saw them....Brazilian Occo Geode slices...I fell in love immediately. I caressed them and admired their beautiful sparkles. Three made their way into my clutches. I also bought some amethyst points. I had a vision of a pendant. I wanted to explore the idea of a "hidden blessing", a gift from God in an unexpected place.

After sawing the brass, sanding all the rough spots, stamping it a bit, drilling two inner holes for the point, I set the occo into the brass and wired the point into the middle. Then I sawed out the copper shape, stamped the words, etched the copper and riveted the brass to the copper. This took me two weeks! I worked here and there after my day job. And thought about it many random moments. Jewelry making is so engrossing, with challenges and triumphs. ( And occasionally the agony of defeat! lol!)

The rest of the necklace was pretty easy. I love stringing and this one really went together easily.

Earrings to go with the necklace.

Well, it is Mother's Day tomorrow. I have an amazing Mom and I respect and honor her. Hopefully I do this every day, not just a Sunday in May! :-) I hope you all remember your Mom tomorrow and find a hidden blessing from her guidance. Bless you all!


Beatnheart said...

Blessings to you dear Chris and Happy Mothers Day!

Fanciful Expressions said...

Beautiful. Happy Mother's Day to you sweet lady.

Grandma said...

I am sure your Mom considers you a blessing. Beautiful and creative work.

diane said...

Chris....this is beautiful work! Jewelry designing is sometimes a long process isn't it? But, when it comes together it is just the BEST feeling ever!

Bear Chick said...

Beautiful necklace! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Linzy Boulter said...

I love your jewelry.
It's amazing what creativity shows up in our brain!

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