Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello All!

Happy Sunday my blogger friends!
I've been lying low a bit. My husband has needed the computer the most, and I've felt too overwhelmed by life to post on my blog at all~~LOL! So here's a commission piece for my friend Melinda---shhhhh! her husband ordered this and will surprise her with it on her birthday Thursday. I procrastinated so long on this piece that I feel 20 pounds lighter that it's was a booger. 10 hours of work. I kept redoing parts that weren't perfect. Trying to make myself crazy. You know how that goes.. :-) !!!
May you all have a blessed week. You are all over the country---may your weather be fall-ish and crisp wherever you are~~~


Fanciful Expressions said...

Lovely necklace, Chris. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with it.
I've been lying low as well. Overwhelmed because my cat is very ill. So, I've taken a short break from my blog. I'll be back soon though.
God bless, hope to see more of your beautiful work.


Denise said...

good to "see' you.l I am fixing to take a blog break........ got too much to do and need to focus on my shop........ but is is good to see you here......... Your necklace is so beautiful ! I must commission you to make something for me one of these days....... Be blessed my friend!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Hey Chris!
It's so good to "see" you!
You've been on my mind.
The necklace is beautiful, and it's always harder when you know who it's for!
I hope all is well now.

Angie said...

CHRIS, that is beautiful! As everything always is. You can absolutely tell there is loved poured in by the bucket!

I have been so bogged down with the Bible Study---but learning so much, I regret I haven't had quality visiting time!

You are a TREASURE! A huge blessing in my life and I love you dearly! ONE day the LORD will allow me to hug and thank you!

Rest. Take it easy. As you said on your post a bit down the page...breathe.

(I have had a STRONG hankering to retire and do some 'homestuff'. I have got to get that outta my system! Mostly because we do love to eat!)

Have a blessed day!

diane cook said...

Melinda will absolutely love this! How sweet of a husband to be so thoughful to order jewelry! I know, I know you have seen all the (up-close) details of this beautiful piece. Kinda like how God sees us? He knows about every little detail, and loves us anyway.....and, she will love this necklace, Chris! It was made with LOVE~

Shoecrazy said...

VERY NICE!! I think the very best thing about your jewelry is all of the love and good thoughts that go into them from you! You are an amazing friend and I hope you know I love you! You always make my day!