Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grace Apple Earrings

A FABULOUS WEEKEND!!! I sat in my pajamas in my studio all Saturday making jewelry~~~heaven! Except now my neck hurts from hunching over too much and my house was left a mess. So not real heaven...just as close as I can get here on earth! lol!

Now tomorrow the weekly craziness starts once again~~Lord please be with us. Please calm and comfort us and keep us focused on You when the alligators start nipping at our heels!

Bless you all, my friends.


Angie said...

LOVE those!!!!!
I was actually thinking of you just a few minutes ago....then I was about to shut down my computer and saw that you posted something NEW!!!

I WISH I could just hop over there and see all the stuff you've been up to!
Love you bigtime!

Fanciful Expressions said...

I love those earrings! It doesn't get any better than working in your pajamas does it?


diane cook said...

I can totally relate to that Chris.
And, get a load of them apples! They are scrumptous!

Bear Chick said...

I notice that the more jewelry I do (sitting scrunched up on my living room floor), the more yoga I attempt. It feels so good to open up the body after a day of jewelry making or computer work.

I love your jewelry! Wish I had your talent!


kansasrose said...

These are adorable! Jammies are the BEST!!! Have a blessed week!:)