Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Sis and I

In 2004, three of my four siblings, my Mom and Dad, and my DH and I traveled to Wisconsin for a Czech festival. My Dad's parents were from Czechoslovakia and my Mom's parents were from Poland. We grew up in California and didn't celebrate our heritage much, so this was quite new and fun for us "kids". OK, middle-aged kids!

Here's a picture of my sister and I hamming it up. She makes a rather feminine-looking guy, don't you think?

May your week be full of evidence that God is watching over you and leading you through the challenges that you meet. Bless you all~~~


diane said...

This is really coincidental Chris! My goodness~
Hope your DH had a wonderful Father's Day. We had our party yesterday, and it was wonderful. We all had such a great time of fellowship.
Luv ya~

Denise said...

you are toooooooooooooooooo funny and I had a good laugh at this... I love fun people that know how to enjoy life......... have a great week and I pray that God shows up every day in your life just to show you how much He loves you! Watch for Him......

Angie said...

I LOVED that! How precious!!!
I hope you are having a good day...been thinking and praying for you!

kansasrose said...

This is adorable! You and your sis are gorgeous! Do you like the kolache? Wilson, Ks is a Czech settled town about 60 miles from us. They have a fun after wheat harvest festival the end of July...the kolaches are my favorite..with prunes. Sausages and lots of beer, dancing polkas. It is a blast! Such great people! You have that love of life too...sending prayers for you to our Savior for peace, strength. Thanks for your friendship and caring the past few weeks...Love, Jenny