Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chrysocola Cavewoman Cuff

Hello my dear blogger friends~~~I know I've been hiding away since Monday. Work pressures and a lovely visit from my DD kept me busy and hopping.

Here's my project for this week: a cuff featuring a big bead of chrysocola. It looks so primitive that I had to label it a "Cavewoman Cuff" because this style could have been worn by an ancient relative. Nothing refined about this, no sir! The brass plate behind the chrysocola bead was stamped and then antiqued by spraying it with salt water and suspending it in a little cup in a container of ammonia. It takes a while, but the green and brown streaks develop and look super cool. And old. The cuff part is copper wire that is textured and antiqued. I've tried a sealant called Renaissance Wax to keep the patina pretty, but it smells rather strongly...hmmm....I'm wearing it as I type and love the style! Will keep this one for myself and refine the design for cuffs to sell. Only to cavewomen, of course!

So many of you have expressed love and concern, prayers and wishes for a better work situation for me. All I can do right now is ask Him to keep my thoughts positive, work hard and keep my ears open for anything better while keeping my heart open that this situation will work itself out.

I pray that every one of you is enjoying a lovely first weekend of summer. It's 98 degrees here, so we're hiding in the house! God bless you all~~~


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Chris, everything will work out for the best. One way or another!
Until then, you just keep on making gorgeous jewelry like this cuff! I LOVE this! It is just my style, and it's beautiful!!

diane said...

Chris, I knew you were going thru a difficult time. I knew God would pull you thru, so I just waited. You will be okay.
This is really a nice piece. I thank you for the explaination on the process you used. Would love to try it~someday. I have been really busy today~preparing for my upcoming sale in July. And, I also need to make some pieces for the antique shop I will start selling in on July 1.
Please pray I will make lots of pieces torrow!!!
Luv you, my friend.

Denise said...

Hey Girl...... I am up and better and out blogging! I will pray that God give you peace in the middle of your difficult time.. Bless your heart. I hate to know that things are not perfect in your life...... I will pray... The Cavewoman Cuff is oh so wonderful!!!! I am the caveman type..... I will watch for any new ones....... I am going to have an original Chris !!!!! Thanks for your prayers...... Tuesday I see the surgeon....... then I will know..

Love ya!

kansasrose said...

You are in my devotions sister in Christ...thank you for being such an unlifting and good friend through my dark times. How I wish we could all gather and meet someday..(I know we will by the Pearly Gates, not quite ready for that though, ha) Jesus has YOU on His strong shoulders...He is carrying you when you can walk no further...
All things are possible through Him. HE WALKS with me and HE talks with me! :)

This cuff just ROCKS! Oh my this has that cavewoman energy...the Chris Kerr touch! I love really speaks of a woman's inner strength and beauty. Love to you...