Sunday, June 22, 2008

Debbie's earrings

Debbie, a gal at my work, bought a necklace from me not too long ago. She wanted earrings to match, so here we are! Copper stamped and antiqued, a glass drop and amethyst rondelles, sterling earwires. Hope she likes them!

I read a wonderful article today in the July 2008 issue of "Real Simple". It was called "The Picture of Happiness" by Alison Buckholtz. The author is the wife of a US Navy pilot. When he was deployed to the Persian Gulf for seven months starting last November, she and her children had a hard time adjusting to life without Daddy--as so many military wives have to do~~~God bless you all! Anyway, she began to put copies of a family picture in each room of the house, and that image of the family happy and united helped bring peace to her and her children as they waited for Dad to return.

The story made me think: What if I put an image of myself and God united together in every "room" of my thoughts? What if I "saw" Him with me at all times, during current challenges...wouldn't that bring me peace? That's exactly what I intend to do this week. Every time I start to worry, I intend to bring a picture of God guiding and comforting me. Now that I've written this down, I actually have to do it!!!! I know my blogger friends will hold me accountable~~~and I thank you!

So bless you all this new week. May we "see" His presence in every instance that we face. In Jesus' strong name we pray. Amen!


kansasrose said...

What a beautiful post...from a beautiful person.

diane said...

O, these are darling dangles for debbie...sorry had to do that.
And, yes, I will see Jesus with me in each & every room in my life~thanks to your beautiful story~Luv ya!

Denise said...

Beautiful pieces to go with the other...... Debbie is a blessed gal.........

Now today I pray that God live in your vision and that when you look upon life you see the Father and how He sees the life around you... I pray that your vision becomes His vision and when you gaze off into your world you see His plan for you....... and all that is around you take on the unseen Glory of God!!!!!!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

She's going to love these earrings! Who wouldn't!? They're beautiful, just like the one that made them! Love ya~