Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Artist Reception was FUN!

The artist' reception at the Arts Guild of Sonoma was fun!!

Here I am explaining my display to a dear friend. I got to talk talk talk all evening long!

Here I am with two dear friends. It was like a mini-reunion~~~

No, I didn't sell a single pendant, but most of the other artists didn't sell anything either. They said that usually not much is sold at the reception, but the response to the resin pendants was positive and they'll be at the gallery for the whol month of June. So we shall see~~~~

Our Sunday was amazing! Our worship service has gone through a bit of a rehaul and we sang and sang and SANG worship happy I felt to sing my love of Jesus! It was the best start to this week. Now it's time to spread that love around. Amen!


Denise said...

I go to all the art openings at the gallery here in town.. My brother is a member and his art is remarkable...However they hardly ever sell anything at the receptions... but before and after seveal things sell....... Your pictures are wonderful and you look so pretty!! Good for you,,, I am going to try my hand at painting if I have to have back surgery... I will have some time on my hands..... My Dad is an artist,my older brother and my son are all very good....... Maybe it is hidden in there somewhere.... who knows....

I am so glad you had a good time... Your work is beautiful...

diane said...

Talk talk talk and smile smile smile~I know it well. And, I know some very "smart" customers will be buying all those beautiful pendants this next month. Just will see!
Love the pictures! You look so pretty! =)

Angie said...

I wish so BAD I could have gone! Wow! What a neat treat to do that! Maybe one day???? Who knows. I am leaving all my surprises up to my Father...He is amazingly good to us all.
Do you have "anything" on you right now??? I am looking for something sweet for my sister Aimee for us to wear--when we go to the SheSpeaks in NorthCarolina JUNE 19!!! We are soooo excited. Tell me what you have on hand...etc. (OR point me to the pictures....)