Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Earrings: Copper & Brass, Etched & Hammered, Quartz & Onyx

Pair of earrings ready for Studio 41 in Benicia.  Etching brass or copper is such a satisfying process.  You write on your metal with a Sharpie, suspend it in ferric chloride and tah dah!  Etched & textured to your specifications.  My kind of fun!

Women of Faith conference in Sacramento.  Could only attend Friday...but wow!  Sheila Walsh's story and encouragement brought me to tears of joy, tears of breaking open to God's love.   Amazin' day.   Effects still lingering in my heart and thoughts.

Saturday~fun family day when my newest nephew Kevin was baptized.  Lots of laughs and too much delicious Mexican food.  We are a blessed family!

Monday tomorrow....may we all sail smoothly into our weekly duties.  I'm prayin'!  Hugs to you all~~~


Stacie said...

I love etching,,,I used to do it a lot, but when we went on our year long trip I got out of doing it....where to you buy your Ferric Chloride? I used to be able to get it at Radio Shack...they use it to etch computer the earrings!

diane cook said...

Yes, etching is way fun! These will be snatched up fast my friend =))

Judy said...

Great earrings! I love etching too, it is so cool!