Saturday, November 6, 2010

In-My-Jammies Saturday~

 Awesome Saturday mornin' all!  Here I am sipping my nonfat latte~~still in my jammies and obviously no hair or makeup attention.  Scarey!  But it's a quiet day today.
 Fakey smile time~I'm just so naturally glamorous!
 My sweet DH is away at my little brother's ranch for a "guys weekend".  Branding cattle, shooting rifles at targets, eating steak and beans, cutting and loading firewood.  I've been sending up some prayers that he doesn't strain or injure any body parts.  The doggies went too, so they're having the funnest time running free over 81 acres.
Here's the latest book I'm reading snippet by snippet.  Got laundry, bills to pay and a lovely citrine-and-heliador etched copper and bronze encouragement pendant to keep me busy.  I'm so very lucky.  I'll keep thanking the Lord and wish you all a lovely weekend, no matter what you are doing.  Thank you all for stopping by.  :-)


diane cook said...

You are such a sweetie....
I know you had a fun weekend alone...just reading...making new jewelry!
Isn't life grand??

Beatnheart said...

You look happy and content. A nice little change for ya and some quiet time for yurself. sweet.