Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Healing Halloween

 Sunday night was a special night for me.  No, not because it was Halloween.  Our Halloweens are very low-key with the kids all grown.  No decorating, we never get trick-or-treaters.   Quiet.  We like it that way.  This Halloween was special because my Mom and Dad finally met their first great-grandchild. 

 Circumstances have made it difficult for Mom and Dad to see my Punkin' Granddaughter, but I was grateful to God for this opportunity on Halloween night.  I've been longing for this to happen, and it did.  And it went smoothly.  God is good!

My Mom bought a Disney princess book for Great-granddaughter.  She LOVED it.  She explained about the princesses and their outfits and the castle.  I'll always treasure this evening deep in my heart.  A little hole there has healed.  I'm so grateful~~~

Have a blessed Wednesday, my friends.  I'm going to clean house, work on a pendant and run an errand or two~~bliss!


Molly Alexander said...

What a wonderful evening - I'm sure you will treasure it always. It's amazing how children can bridge gaps in grown-ups' relationships.

:-) Molly

rosa & josie said...

Molly is right isn't she? That still small voice often comes out of the mouth of a child....