Thursday, August 21, 2008

Studio Cottage in Sonoma

Isn't this the most magical-looking little cottage? This is the studio of a Sonoma artist friend~~she let me come over to play last week. Oh boy!

This artist has a wonderful tool called a "rolling mill"...for all of you jewelry artists, you know exactly what I'm talking about. For you "normal" people, I'll explain that a rolling mill is this neato tool that you roll sheet metal with ribbon or lace or fabric or other stuff. The rolling mill imprints the pattern of the ribbon, lace or fabric onto your metal...very very cool. I imprinted a couple of pieces of copper with the grosgrain ribbon. And it looks cool. I'm going to use it it in one of my jewelry pieces one of these fine days.

Since the least expensive of these rolling mills cost about $300, I'm not going to have one of these any time real soon. But I can dream. I can drool. I can wait.

May the rest of your week be full of dreams. May He give you optimism and energy~~~and may His will be done. In Jesus' strong name we pray, AMEN!


MJ Alexander said...

Chris - you just plain make me smile...thank you for that! I would too love to havethe cottage, as well as the rolling mill, but I, too, will have to just put those things on my long-term "wish list".

:-) Molly

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

What a cute workshop!
I am loving mine now. It's very peaceful.
I want a rolling mill, too! I bought some copper from Barrie that she textured for me, and I love it! Maybe someday!
Have a great weekend and have fun!