Thursday, August 14, 2008

Earrings for Lisa

My dear friend Lisa purchased these earrings and this pendant-necklace from me...she's beautiful, but even more so wearing these pieces~~~LOL!(yes, that was an arrogant statement. Fortunately Lisa has a great sense of humor and will just laugh at me)

I had an amazing day today visiting a Sonoma artist's studio~~~WOW is my head spinning. I took a couple of pics and will share them later. All I'll say is that I want MORE TOOLS!!! A rolling mill, a chasing set up, a hotter new torch...hmmmm...when will I realize that I'm incredibly blessed and have so very much already?

Got my first pair of bifocal contact lenses today. Not used to them yet! My eye doctor said that it can take 1-3 weeks to adjust. Patience, Chris. Patience...

Lord thank you thank you for an amazing day and so many gifts and blessings. May my dear friends and family be protected, guided and inspired by you~~in Jesus' strong name I pray


diane cook said...

These are beautiful Chris. And, I know Lisa loves them.
Gosh, I would have loved to see the studio as well....and like you, even in my little cramped work space, I am incredibly blessed.

Sis said...

Chris, every time I visit here I fall in love with your jewelry. You have so much talent! I wish you had an online store...(hint)

Let me know how you like your bifocal contact lenses. Last September, I went for a checkup and they tested me for that, and said I didn't need them yet. I do have good flexibility in my eyes - when I'm not wearing contacts! But I have had the hardest time this past year, and I just know next time they will recommend the bifocal ones. I'd love to hear how you've adjusted.
XOXO and God bless you!

Denise said...

OMG...... if you get all those new tools you will have to move the cat! hahahha Sounds like you had a good day girlfriend.....Good for you.......As usual your gift is truly a gift.......... Let me know about the contacts.... I would love to get rid of my glasses.....

Have a blessed weekend........

MJ Alexander said...

I love your new pieces - Lisa will most certainly love wearing them!

Have a great weekend! :-)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Gorgeous, as usual! I love them! I haven't even gotten around to getting glasses yet, which I desperately need!
I did manage to make a mess in my new studio, so at least I'm working. LOL
I hope you're having a great weekend~

Angie said... is everything!
A word on the contact mother loves hers...but my Jeff could not do it. He tried. But only for a week. Mother said that after her first week it got better. I SHOULD be wearing them...but have been chicken.