Sunday, August 24, 2008

He Is Good~~

I'm so grateful to God for my DH, my family~~kids, siblings, parents, in-laws. I'm so grateful to Him for my life. Not a perfect life, but full of signs that He loves me and is watching over me. And I'm so very very grateful for my friends~~~who've loved me and prayed for and with me and listened to me and cared about me. Thank you all. And Praise Him!!


MJ Alexander said...

Chris -

What a beautiful, organic piece. I love all the components that you brought together into a piece that is unmistakably yours. The love you hold in your heart for Him comes out in such amazing ways in your jewelry - thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

Have a great week!

Molly :-)

Denise said...

THAT IS JUST BREATH TAKING!!!!!! What a gift you are to the art world........ good for you!!!!!! He IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!! And HIS Mercies are EVERLASTING .........

diane cook said...

Chris...this piece is so beautiful. Just as beautiful as you are my dear sweet friend. I hope we get to meet some day real soon....I know we will just hug each other until our arms fall off!

Fanciful Expressions said...

That is a beautiful and original work of art. It comes together so beautifully.A wonderful and loving tribute to Him.


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Chris, your loving, sweet nature shows in all of your work. You are a blessing, and one of His greatest creations!
Love ya~

kansasrose said...

God Bless you dear Chris! This is are gifted in many ways. Thanks for being such an inspiration to all...Love, Jenny

Angie said...

Okay----girl I LOVE that piece!!!!
If I could do that I would run right now to Michaels and get some supplies! BUT I don't have that talent! I am thankful that YOU do! That way I can buy new stuff all along and share in the beauty and YOUR TALENT!!!
I have got to go plunder on your jewelry pictures again!!!
LOVE you MUCH!!!! We are storm watching today.
It has rained...been windy and cloudy---I have had no internet service for over 2 days now...just got it back!
Praise the LORD!

Denise said...

Just checking in to say hey!!!!!!


kansasrose said...

just checkin' in to say you have an award waiting for you on http;//

my other blog wheats!...have a blessed week Chris.