Saturday, July 6, 2013

I heart PATINA~

Sorry this pic isn't bigger....This is "large" and "x-tra large" overflows over the whole page, obliterating my sidebar stuff....grrrr.....

What's this?  ANOTHER blog post?  Two in ONE MONTH?? Shocking, I say! haahaa

I just wanted to show you why I love patina.  This is my latest mixed metals cross.  I started it the same time I started the citrine cross and kinda worked on them together.  This one's mine.  I made a boo boo on my stamping on the back.  No, you can't see it.  No, I won't show it to you...:-)

This cross is made of four metals:  bronze for the back plate, etched brass on top, silver cradling the peridot, and copper circles under the silver circles riveted all around the edges.  I didn't know if Liver of Sulfur patina would do the trick, so I used Stephanie Lee's favorite patina stuff called Novacan Black Patina.  

I cleaned the cross with hot water and dish soap, then put on some gloves and brushed on the Novacan.  Neutralized it with baking soda and then cleaned it up~I just plain LOVE it...that aged look.  

I've had the best hermit-y weekend.  My sweet DH is away at my little brother's ranch.  He took the dogs, and I'm here with only the kitty to keep me company.  It's heaven....I think I needed a break from everything.  

Soooo, may your July be a month of summer fun, summer reading, summer renewal.  Blessings!


Shirley Moore said...

Your pic size is fine, cause when I click on it, I get it huge sized so I can drool over all the yummy details! Love what you did to that cross. That's the magic that y'all do with metal, cause you can visualize what the patina will do....totally gorgeous!

Lori Anderson said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love crosses.