Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Copper Cross Earrings for Kate's Birthday

My friend Kate is such a joy.  We walk together on Wednesday mornings.  She wrestles her Australian Shepherd "Buddy" and I tag along and, if needed, provide dog poop bags or cough drops.  
We talk about our joys and our concerns, and encourage each other to trust God.
When we return to her house, we sit and pray together. Clasping hands, we pour out our petitions and thanks.  That Kate has SUCH a heart for the Lord!
I'm so lucky she's my friend and I wish her the happiest birthday.  

These copper crosses are LITTLE~I sawed using my magnifying reading glasses on top of my prescription hobby glasses!  My neato Crafted Findings tool put the eyelets and rivets in place.

I gotta make myself a pair of these!  :-)

Hope your Wednesday is blessed~  


Judy Whitfield said...

Beautiful! She is one lucky friend. Blessings to both of you.

Suzanna McMahan said...

I gotta know how you made these!