Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Beloved" Mixed Metals Cold Connected Cross

Been working on this piece for a couple months.  In between the day job and family stuff, bit by bit it nudged at me, bit by bit it came together.
I love this piece.  I've wanted to create my version of the Cross for some time now.  How wonderful to see it completed!

In my Etsy shop now...I haven't listed anything there for so very long!  :-)   

Fourth of July.  Birthday of our country.  When my grandparents traveled here from Poland and Moravia so many years ago, their courage and determination led them to this country of opportunity.  
Happy Birthday USA!  I'm so blessed to be one of your citizens!
Happy July to you all, dear friends~

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Julie Panusis said...

Chris, what a lovely cross. You always amaze me. Such a beautiful job.