Thursday, February 17, 2011

Resin & Sawing...little by little

Not-the-best photos, but I had a little time to work on the "resin cabochons", as I like to call them.  Resin is pretty neat in that you can pour over the top of older resin and it will fill in and look new on top.  "Find the blessings..." is all filled and drying now.  "I am the recipient..." has a much better surface, but the air bubbles I didn't get out the first time are still there.  Learning!   "I know it's possible..." was just an extra piece for fun and to use a bit more resin.
I must admit, I can't WAIT to use the Ice Resin I've ordered.  I'm looking forward to more clarity.

Ready to saw out the tabbed plate that will hold one of my resin cabochons.  Using brass, will rivet it to a copper back plate.  Little at a time!  Must persevere~~
Have a blessed Thursday y'all!! 


Denise said...

Oh the talent!

diane cook said...

Yes, resin is much fun isn't it? Can't wait to see your final piece, as it looks like it will be beautiful my friend!