Sunday, February 27, 2011

ICE Success~~mostly! And showers ROCK.

I LOVE my resin pieces~   The pour was pretty successful.  More learning curve stuff:  bubbles!  I really thought I was vigilant about them, but after I went to bed, two more emerged.  So, I'll only pour in the AM when I can keep an eye on it for many hours. 
Also, some resin poured out the side of a few of the bezels.  I'll pick at it and sand it off.

And the shower was BLISS!  Not to mention that sleeping without compression stockings is way more comfortable.

OK, new week~~and I've got something kinda cool to share with you tomorrow...a feather in my jewelry-making hat.  :-)  See you tomorrow my friends!

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Bear Chick said...

Love all the sentiments in your jewelry! Waiting impatiently to hear your news...