Monday, April 15, 2013

Charmitas Class was FUN!

It started so quietly.  All set up and waiting for 1:00.

Shazzam!! Look at them goooooo!  Ideas and techniques and cool beads and problem-solving FUN!
Starting at the lower left corner and clockwise around: Pattie, Sue T., Peter, Julie, Sarah and Sue S.

Sarah is engrossed in her challenging pieces while Carol and Sue S. chat.

Rosemary is sooo ambitious to make lots of pieces.  See her wonderful necklace??  She took home lots of cut out copper to finish in her own workspace.

Pattie always smiling, always working.  LOVE her Hawaiian shirt!  And Sue T. and Peter quietly focused on their pieces.

Julie and Sarah's pieces.....Julie had the most luminous piece of labradorite...this picture doesn't capture how mystical it was...AND Sarah brought this amazing Shark's tooth!!!! Sarah always has to do something different.

Sue T's cool pieces.  She called the left one "Crystals in Bondage".  :-)  Sue is an accomplished silversmith. I was honored that she took my class.  And I hope I can take one of hers when she teaches at Benicia Beads.

Peter, our lone guy created some really different funkified pieces.  He does kumihomo (hope I spelled that right) and plans on using that technique to make a necklaces for his pendants.

RATS! my camera died and I never got any pictures of Rosemary's or Sue W's or Pattie's work. They were amazing. Wish y'all could have been there!


Devon Smith-Breidel said...

Oh my!! That class looks like it was loads of fun and the finished pieces are wonderful!!! I am a new visitor to your blog and found it very inspiring!!

Julie Panusis said...

I loved seeing your class and viewing your students work. I felt like I was there with you. Everyone seemed to be having lots of fun.
You are the best!