Sunday, November 25, 2012

ICE Resin Charms and a Broken Refrigerator

I finally finally finally poured my ICE resin yesterday.  I'm such a chicken~  I'm afraid I'll mess up my little works of art! It went well, but not perfectly.  Two pieces need another doming coat of resin, but fortunately that's not a big deal.  I'll show you those pretties later, I promise!

Our refrigerator died yesterday morning...a moment of grieving, please, lol!  No warning, no funny noises...just died.  My DH found water on the floor in front of it.  And the frozen food inside was all mushy.  RATS!  So, dumping food, salvaging what we can. 

The repairman looked at it yesterday afternoon.  Our 12-year-old fridge was going to cost close to $900 to repair.  We thought about it and decided that we will replace it. unexpected expense right before Christmas.  Oh well~~

My wonderful DH spent most of last night running to assorted stores, then returned home and used his Ninja Shopping Skills on an internet search.  He showed me what he came up with, and we think we have it narrowed down.  More searching today after church. could be worse.  And luckily we don't keep as much food in the fridge as we used to when the kids lived at home.  And I've heard tell that the new fridges are more energy efficient...It's gonna all work out.

Here's to a new week~~May it improve and lead us into the joy of Advent.  The big picture: We are so very blessed.  Amen!


Beatnheart said...

you are going to love your new fridge...

Our toilet overflowed with water seeping out of the bottom on the floor just as we were leaving to go to someone’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner. Sewer backed up...many dollars later.

It comes goes out....lucky we have the money to pay our bills and when emergencies
move on right C

Deborah Lee Taylor said...

Hi Chris!
I found your blog via my facebook page (e5jewelry) and so glad I did! Thank you for visiting : )
I had to comment on the ice resin charms. I love them! They came out beautiful! I have been wanting to try the resin for quite some time, and ordered some awhile back only to procrastinate for so long the product expired and couldn't use. I was too nervous to actually give it a try. I am hoping to order more and just go for it when I do. : )
Thanks for the inspiration!

In the Light of the Moon said...

What a bummer about the fridge..and with no warning..ugh..but you are so right dear sis,so much to be thankful for.
Btw...Loving the Ice Resin Charms...I cant believe your new to this...Oh boy..your gonna get hooked,like me!! xoxo

Barbara Lewis said...

Great resin pieces! You'll enjoy your new energy efficient fridge! It seems like it's always something. We used to measure things in the 100's by what it would repairs and things would cost to replace, now it's in the thousands!

Stacie said...

O so sorry about your your charms however...I still have some tubes of resin that I must do something are inspiring me!