Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chris Kerr, Super Genius? (I think NOT!)

Ok, I'm making teeny stamped metal embellishments to be used in my resin pendants. Remember Wile E. Coyote?  He would always call himself a "Super Genius" while creating complicated ways to trap the Roadrunner.  The traps always failed, leaving Wile looking like a "Super Loser".  

I stamped out a few teeny nickel disks to stamp with my smallest stamps.  Then I antiqued 'em and tried to shine them.  My fingers are too big for this job, so I came up with the super bright idea of tumbling them.
Great idea!  Oh yes!  NOT!  I lost a couple of them in the shot and I don't know if I'll ever ever find them.  They can happily live with their new shot family and avoid the fate of Ice Resin.

So, I pose this question to you, my lovely blog readers: Do you ever tumble teeny silver things?  Things that could easily be lost in the shot?  Do you have a trick or tip that could help me?  I'll be grateful forever if you could comment and share your Super Genius-ness.  

Have a Super Saturday!

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Julie Panusis said...

Yes, I do tumble tiny silver objects. After they are finished, I pour all the shot into a small mesh strainer and then dump it out on a towel.

I then proceed to play in the shot searching for my treasure. It's actually quite soothing. A little like meditation. LOL

Have a great week, my friend.